Self-drilling anchor system are a prerequisite for state-of-the-art underground excavation. Main features of these systems are their one-step operational procedure by means of simultaneous drilling and installation. The beforesummarized technical features highlight the main advantages of self-drilling anchor systems in comparison to conventional ground support. In addition, the usage of self-drilling systems is essential in case of weak ground conditions, where the stability of the borehole wall is not warranted. There, installing a conventional two-step system becomes rather impossible. 

The main features of all self-drilling anchors and rock bolts are the application of a single-use drill bit in combination with the anchor rod being used as a drill steel. Thus,the anchor or rock bolt is connected to the hydraulic rock drill by an adapter device and installed in the way a conventional borehole is drilled. In modern underground mining and tunnelling, the following types of self-drilling anchors and rock bolts are in development or already available:

1.Self-drilling hollow bar bolts

2.Self-drilling resin grouted bolts

3. Self-drilling friction bolts


4.Self-drilling mechanical anchors 

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