Many anchor bolt manuacturer over-promise and under-deliver.Sinorock is different.At Sinorock,our model is built on satisfying our customers, whom we aim to serve with integrity, honesty, and above all, quality special self drilling anchor.Unlike our competitors, we do not employ aggressive sales people. Instead, our Project Managers supervise your order from receipt of enquiry to our product's arrival on your site. 

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships, so customer satisfaction, not short term gain, is our utmost priority. Through our personal service, our aim is to become the most trusted anchor bolt manufacturer of special rock bolts. This alternative approach is standing us in good stead, as we continue to maintain year-on-year growth and can proudly continue to create jobs.

The anchor bolt products in Sinorock are adopted different materials to suit for several construction conditions, for example: self drilling anchor bolt applies in weak and broken conditions, stainless self drilling anchor bolt and duplex coating anchor bolt suit for conditions which are influenced by underground water or chemical corrosive objects.

Sinorock supplies a wide range of capital equipment and self drilling anchor bolt for the global ground engineering markets.Sinorock will continue its rock bolting business within underground mining through manufacturing and distribution of anchor bolts.Sinorock will also continue to sell self drilling bolt in selected markets and applications.

Sinorock can handle both large quantity Self drilling bolt system orders in the hundreds of thousands for the manufacturing industry and small orders for local repair shops. We service the mining industry, tunneling, slope foundation, hydroelectric, off road equipment dealers and manufacturing companies. Our customer service area is all of Nevada, including Las Vegas, and Elko, as well as Northern California.