Sinorock is evolved for directly for exporting business in 2011, were reorganized from Sinorock of which were set up by Sinorock’ self drilling anchor bolts’ former production director during 2011, who had ever led Sinorock self drilling anchor system factory experienced its glorious period in the previous years. Now,Sinorock mainly deals with domestic selling of

Special self drilling anchor bolt’s products, and it has been always GSS’ largest agent.

Sinorock's self drilling anchor system are extensively used for connection applications within the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. Our largest market is the construction industry where we offer our customers highly engineered anchoring products for precast concrete elements; curtain wall and building facades; structural connections within commercial, public and residential construction; as well as anchoring solutions for tunnels, civil engineering and transportation structures.Because our self drilling anchor products play a vital role in many constructions,so Sinorock put the saftey of self drilling anchor products on the first.

Thanks to the sales team of more than 70 members, Sinorock has become to having huge production and sales capability that it sends out 60 to 100 metric tons drilling tools per day, which is nearly bigger than most of trading companies’ annual sale amounts in this field, and it’s annual sales quantity of drilling equipments and tools has been upto 300,000 units. After more than 5 years’ effort and development, Sinorock has warehouses in luoyang, henan,and xuzhou and so on, and has appointed sales agents in luoyang, henan. Moreover,Sinorock also constructed its own truck team to delivery products to it’s the Chinese clients conveniently and promptly.