Self drilling anchor is used for advance support in tunnel, instead of traditional pipe shed. Traditional pipe shed and ductule has steel tube with grouting hole, casing pipe is needed and then grout. While self drilling anchor can realize drilling and grouting working at the same time, which will save time about forty percent.

Self drilling bolt is a hollow, thick-walled seamless steel pipe, with standard continuous thread on its surface. It consists of self drilling hollow anchor bar, plate, nut, coupling and drill bit, anchor bar can be cut and lengthened as requirements. With functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring, it can be widely used in broken stratum, sandy gravel, high water-bearing strata, especially for slope supporting in narrow deep foundation pit, without casing, economical and high-efficiency.

Sinorock solution uses the self drilling anchor bolt as a conduit for either air, water or grout flushing mediums. The medium used is dependent on the ground conditions encountered. For example: Rock would normally require air or water whereas soft or collapsing ground would require grout.

Sinorock self drilling bolt engineering products provide a service life in excess of 10 years based on research which has been accepted by both Railtrack and the Highways Agency.Our commitment to providing you with the optimum in ground engineering solutions is illustrated by our investment in independent research programmes, which enable us to develop and refine the performance and quality of our products for a wide variety of ground conditions.