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To ensure that reliable anchorage effect of the self drilling anchor bolt

Le 25 novembre 2016, 11:51 dans Humeurs 0

Sinorock self-drilling anchor provides one of the most cost effective means of maximising work and development space in temporary works situations.

The ability of Sinorock self-drilling anchors to provide effective solutions without the need for additional casing operations enables designers, developers and contractors to construct foundations quickly and economically.

The applications of self drilling anchor system provides advantages for all areas,where boreholes would require the time consumingdrilling with casing systems in unconsolidated or cohesive soil. To ensure that reliable anchorage effect of the self drilling anchor bolt.

Generally,as an practical and reliable placing solution,self drilling anchor has been extensively applied in the mining,tunneling,foundation support,hydroelectric project and roadway support project and so on,with so many years of exploration and development,the techniques of the installation of self drilling anchor has became skillful and been trusted by our customers around theworld.


Self drilling anchor is an anchorage measure to integrate drilling, grouting and anchoring functions

Le 21 septembre 2016, 09:59 dans Humeurs 0

To be the leader in the rock anchor system in the region by providing swift delivery, quality products, value added and customers care services.Your partner of choice in your anchoring needs - Sinorock.

Self drilling rock anchor can effectively improve the load capacity and ensure the overall stability of surrounding rocks when applied to broken rock, clay rock and other complex geological conditions. Based on lots of practical applications, self drilling rock anchor has been proved to achieve the ideal supporting effect and has great application value.

To meet the needs of design and construction , a wide variety of self drilling anchors was used to support and protect these strata of rock, as well as to make radial reinforcement and slope stabilization. This measure significantly improved the performance of the surrounding rocks and demonstrated much higher efficient results of supporting.

Self drilling anchor is an anchorage measure to integrate drilling, grouting and anchoring functions. It has the advantages of fast speed, large anchoring force, good corrosion resistance and simple operation, etc. In the Jinhe Hydropower Station construction, R25 and R32 self drilling anchors were used for tunnel support and slope reinforcement. The application saved investment, accelerated the progress, ensured the anchoring quality of slope support and guaranteed the smooth completion of the project.

Sinorock:Quality Excellence has to be consitently maintained

Le 30 août 2016, 12:14 dans Humeurs 0

Sinorock is a quality rock anchor supplier from China.Sinorock is built upon its values of excellence. The reliability of our performance and the enduring quality of our rock bolt products, are evidenced in all work we have done for our customers. We never rest and continually strive to improve our performance through our standard ISO systems and other initiatives.With testing laboratory inhouse,from the beginning of raw materials to finished products deliveried to our clients,our inspection department will gurantee everything runnig as per standard.

Quality Excellence is primarily achieved by the use of right Equipment, Experience and expertise.Fortunately,we at Sinorock have them all,And in ample measure.

Our thoroughly professional workforce of highly qualified engineers and well trained skilled technicians does the rest by deploying state-of-the-art technology to match the best the world can offer.Our quest for quality develops around the cornerstones of Functional Reliability,Durability, and Aesthetics.And, it is these attributes that have earned lasting appreciation for our products, both in India and abroad.

However, Quality Excellence has to be consitently maintained.And this is ensured by our stringent inbuilt quality control system which operates right from the raw material stage, through all stages of production till the final product is ready or despatch.

We place the highest importance to producing quality products.Our professionally managed marketing set- up takes great pains to research and analyse customers' needs so as to guide our production team about how best such needs can be met through consistent innovation and product improvements.

Our philosophy underscores customer care through fair dealing, competitive pricing and on-the-dot delivery schedules.

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